2023 is the Year of the Not For Profit!

Our goal for 2023 is to raise $24,000 in cash or equivalent in donations.

6 Courses Only (Dates below) 2023


Course Fee $1500 per person

Additional Training days $300

Re-Test Fee $450

Re-test fee for a stand alone retest is $1800 outside of a scheduled course. Re-test and single training days are based on availability.

All proceeds from our training will be donated to the following organizations.

Dates: March 12-17, 2023
Charity: Strathcona Food Bank

Dates: May 8-13, 2023
Charity: Little Warriors

Dates: July 3-8, 2023 – IRATA L2/L3 course
Charity: Edmonton SPCA

Dates: August 28 – September 2, 2023
Charity: Edmonton SPCA

Dates: November 20-24, 2023
Charity: Edmonton SPCA

Dates: December 12-17, 2023 IRATA L2/L3 course
Charity: Strathcona Food Bank

Rope Access Training

We are fully accredited members of IRATA (# 1037 OT). As an operating field services company we have found we primarily train for in house employees as well as our corporate clients. In discussions on ways to give back to the community we selected the groups preferred charity/community organizations. From there we discussed fundraising options and decided to convert out training operations to a not for profit.

The fees will pay for our instructors’ time, IRATA registration, and assessment fees. Every other cent will be donated in cash or gifts in kind to our selected charities.

Our training courses consist of five training days and one assessment day (6 days total). Group discounts are available, please contact us for more details.

IRATA Training

Structure Group offers IRATA certification in rope access at all three levels as defined by the IRATA Training and Certification Scheme. This training is accepted by nearly all major rope companies and client operating sites. We can also offer SPRAT certification upon request. Certification in rope access does NOT guarantee you a job, anyone telling you that without providing offer of employment is simply lying. What it does do is compliment your current skill set, trade licence, inspection ticket etc. and offer additional employment and advancement opportunities.

Custom Courses

Our facility is also available for rent to fire departments, police, military, SAR or USAR groups. Structure Group also offers expanded rope rescue training and confined space courses.

Contact Us to Register [email protected] or Call 780-570-8833

What Makes Our Facility Different?

Our facility is located in Sherwood Park just off Baseline and consists of 2200 ft of steel structure, class rooms, private washrooms and is a fully insured and IRATA approved venue.

We purpose built our facility for internal training and development, not as a training company. This meant our deciding factor at each junction was “What does the team or client need”, not “what is profitable”. After numerous inquiries we decided to open up courses to the public.

You will not find stage truss, scaffold, temporary rigging in our facility.  You will find steel, bar grating, ladders, columns, and beams that will reflect industrial environment and rigging challenges albeit a little cleaner.

Our instructors are full time field technicians with a minimum 7 years industry experience and they rotate into training slots as needed both for internal team development and training open enrollment courses.

Training Centre Location – Sherwood Park (east of Edmonton Alberta)

Client Testimonials

Getting my level 3 with Chris at structure group reset the “bar” of rope access training. Passing the course is just part of their goals. Fully understanding the gear and having the knowledge behind our rigging and rescues were forefront. The ability to use this knowledge in our actual career was the main priority. Any time before, during, and after each training day Chris could be reached for direction, explanation and any questions I had. The facility in itself also was above and beyond, from its numerous levels of piperacks, confined space, overhangs, and 12” steel pipe offered endless options of actual possible scenarios. Training here will Show you what rope access is really about!

Chris Chew

Chris is a great instructor. No non sense, gives you the knowledge and confidence to complete the course and pass. Never climbed before in my life and i feel like a pro after we finished.

Blake Southey

Well thought out gym design allowing ease of use by all levels. Great training provided from a well versed and passionate teacher. Low stress conditions and positive atmosphere give the student highest probability of retaining/gaining knowledge and skill sets needed to be a GOOD rope tech. One of the better gyms I’ve been to. Edmonton Alberta.

Roy Baltussen

I was nervous going for my L3 recert, especially being out of shape from the Covid-tactic year 2020 has turned out to be. Chris’s style of teaching, along with having lots of one on one time to fully understanding the material, sets Structure Group at the top training facilities I’ve been to. I left feeling more confident and knowledgeable, and will definitely be going back when the time comes.

Jeff Bassett

Training in Edmonton Alberta was very effective and Chris is an excellent instructor who actually cares about what he’s getting across. The facility is good, has everything you need to learn, the equipment is well taken care of.

Sun Steven

Chris has a lot of knowledge about rope access, good instructor, easy to work with. They had really nice gear, and course. I would for sure send people here , and will be doing any further training I (we) need here at Structure Group.


Chris was a very well trained and informative instructor. His ability to train and teach sets up everyone for success. Top of the line facility, gear is second to none and the whole atmosphere of the facility makes it a stress free learning environment. Looking forward to seeing Structure Group out in the field. Thanks Chris!

Landon Tkachuk

Chris Aziz and his team of instructors were inspiring, professional and very knowledgeable. The facility and equipment were excellent and well maintained with a strong focus on safety. I would highly recommend taking your Rope Access course from this company.

Annette Donnenworth

Very informative and stress free at this facility. I was taking my level one for the first time ever, and Chris made it super easy to follow all the tasks to ensure we understood everything before moving forward. Proper instructions and professionalism are of the highest quality at Structure Group.

Joshua Read

Great teacher. Top of the line gear. Amazing facility. You can’t ask for a better place to get your rope access training. Just got my Level 2, and it felt like a breeze because I was properly trained. Highly, highly, highly recommended.

Jesse Detta